Hi there! I’m Srujana, the creative hand behind Menakshee Designs. I’m just a Chi-town girl who found her true love and a love of lettering in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I truly believe there’s magic in the handwritten word.

I provide custom event signage and bespoke calligraphy services that capture the essence of your love, through all phases of your life. Whether you’re looking to get your envelopes addressed, to add a unique touch to your wedding day, or looking for a gift for a special someone, regardless of whether it’s on paper, wood, glass or fabric, I’ve got you covered!

A little more about me? I stumbled upon lettering two years ago, at the lowest point in my life; I had just lost my mom suddenly to ALS and was searching for a way to get a grip on my overwhelming grief. Watching lettering videos on Instagram was soothing, and I felt an unexpected peace descend on me the first time that I set nib to paper myself. Focusing on creating letterforms,